Raw Nutrition offers top of the line, high performance dehydrators. Our best-sellers include the Excaliburs, the Nesco FD-60, and FD-80. The Excalibur 3900B is the most popular and loved dehydrator of all. With its 9 14" x 14" trays, it has a large drying capacity and can suit all your dehydration needs. The Excalibur dehydration guide and Preserve it Naturally Book are included for extensive dehydration recipes, tips, and more. The Excalibur 3926T model is a newer model and is also very well appreciated. This model features an integrated 26-hour timer. The Excalibur D500SHD and D900SHD models are the newest addition to the Excalibur family. They feature the same plastic interior case as the 3900 yet the outside is stainless steel covered for a different look and style. The trays are entirely made of stainless steel, thus sturdy and very durable. From the Nesco brand we have various models, our most popular ones being the FD-60 and FD-80. The FD-60 features 4 round trays, 1 fruit roll sheet, 2 original jerky spice packs, and 500 watts of power. The dehydrator can be expended to 12 trays with extra Add-A-Tray packs. The Nesco FD-80 is the square model. It includes 4 drying trays, 1 clean-a-screen, and 700 watts of power. It is expandable to 8 drying trays. Both the FD-60 and FD-80 are very good quality dehydrators, perfect for a smaller budget.

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