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EasyGreen Complete Wheatgrass Growing Package

Everything you need to grow wheatgrass, except the seeds.

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Just fill it and go! We have had more people asking for good, professional, automatic wheatgrass growing systems. We put together this package (Model WP) for our customers with a special price. Everything you need to grow wheatgrass, except the seeds. With this package you can grow wheatgrass in large trays (supplied) and sprouts in small cartridges (supplied). You may use the food grade cartridges for sprouts, beans, etc., and the large trays for wheatgrass.


Just fill it and go! The Wheatgrass package consists of:

3  X EasyGreen MikroFarm™ modules
3  X Mist Generators(installed).
3  X Food Grade Large Plastic Trays ( inserted inside the growing compartment)
15 X Food Grade Plastic Cartridges
3   X 96 Activation Timers
9   X Replacement Air Filters.

This package consists of all that is required to grow wheatgrass and other greens in abundance.

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