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Euro Cuisine Stainless Steel Steam Juicer EC9500
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Euro Cuisine Stainless Steel Steam Juicer EC9500

Euro Cuisine's Stove Top Steam Juicer, featuring a specially designed spigot, will extract pure, high quality juice with the power of steam from a large range of fruits including grapes, pears, apples, raspberries, strawberries, currants, rhubarb, elderberries, gooseberries, huckleberries, blackberries, blueberries, cranberries, plums, peaches, crabapples, tomatoes, and more.

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The juicing process happens right on your stovetop. To extract large quantities of juice - simply add fresh fruit into the steamer basket, fill the water reservoir with water, and gently bring the water to a boil on your stovetop. The steam process will open the juice cells in the fruit and extract juice, which will drip into the juice container with spigot. Once the juice is ready, just use the easy to use spigot to drain the juice from the juice container into bottles or jars. Enjoy drinking the vitamin-rich juice fresh, or save it for making jelly and syrup. The unit can also be used to steam a variety of vegetables, seafood and meats such as Corn on the cob, Broccoli, Carrots, Squash, Potatoes, Meats, Sausages, Corned Beef, Chicken, Fish, and more on your stovetop.

• 3.5 QT. Water Reservoir
• 8 QT. Juice Container with Spigot
• 7.5QT. Steamer Basket and Glass Lid
• Recipe Book
• Made with professional gauge stainless steel
• Can be used on Gas, Electric, and Induction cook tops
• Extract 100% pure, delicious juice and steam cook complete meals
• The spigot provides an easy to use draining of the juice into bottles or jars
• No plastic tube that tends to break
• Glass lid – lets you watch the cooking process without opening the lid
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