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Grain Mills

Raw Nutrition carries a selection of the best Grain Mills available on the market. We carry both manual and electric grain mills to suit your needs. Manual Grain Mills are great for grinding small quantities of grain on the go or off the grid. You obtain flour by pouring grains in the mill and turning a hand crank. The speed at which the flour will be processed is dependent on the speed at which the hand crank is turned. Electric Grain Mills process larger quantities of grain in a timely manner and yield the freshest flour possible. Grinding your own flour directly from grain assures the best quality of flour with the most flavor. You can grind a large variety of grains including Wheat, Kamut, Rye, Spelt, Oats, Barley, and much more. Choose which type of flour you want to use for your bread, pastries, and cakes and grind up the necessary grain and quantity. Grinding fresh flour not only gives you freedom to choose the type of grain, quantity and texture desired but it also saves you lots of money.

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Wonder Mill Electric Grain Mill
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    CAD $289.95
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Champion 2000+ Grain Mill Attachment
  • CAD $169.99
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Blendtec Kitchen Mill
  • CAD $370.00
    CAD $299.95
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