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Green Star Juicer GS1000
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Green Star Juicer GS1000

The GS1000 model has all the basic juicing and food processing equipment and comes with a fine screen, glass pitcher, homogenizing blank, a cleaning brush and a plastic plunger.

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Green Star Juicer GS1000

• A patented twin gear technology that extracts considerably more minerals from the produce that is juiced
• A 1/4 hp motor and speed reduction gear providing more torque on the auger that will increase the pressing power
• Slow 110 rpm to minimize heat build-up during the juicing processing retaining the life of the enzymes
• 1 fine screen
• A "pulse" reverse gear to dislodge blocked residue promoting better operating from the juicer
• 1 plastic plunger
• Weighs only 24 pounds (11 kilograms) making it easier to handle, move and clean

Heavy Duty Twin Gear Technology Features

These five important features are found exclusively in the Green Star Juice Extractor which uses the Heavy Duty Twin Gear Juicing system. Those smaller twin-gear Juicers which use dual-gear juicing system do not have these features.

1. Nylon Safety Buffer

The Green Star's Twin Gears are made mostly of stainless steel and have nylon elements that play a very important safety role. The nylon serves as a crucial element of the high-quality design of the Green Star by creating a buffer between the gears to ensure that the two metal gears do not come in contact with each other. When the HD Twin Gears rotate against each other, the stainless steel portions are separated by 4/1000 of an inch apart at all times due to the nylon safety buffer, which is slightly larger in diameter than the rest of the Twin Gears. Green Star was developed with this feature in order to prevent any stainless-steel shavings from inadvertently entering into the juice or the pulp. The nylon portions of the Twin Gears were also designed to protect the motor. During the juicing process, a great deal of pressure is created inside the juicing chamber. This pressure is released as pulp is ejected from the unit. If the gears were made entirely of stainless steel, excess strain could be placed on the motor during the juicing process. Although the HD Twin Gears were designed to be extremely durable, the nylon may sometimes crack as a protective measure in situations in which an extreme amount of pressure is created during the juicing process. Although this results in gears that need to be replaced, the cracking relieves the pressure that would have otherwise been exerted on the turning motor. As a result, gears made entirely of stainless steel would not allow this emergency pressure release to occur, diminishing the usable life span of the motor, or even possibly causing it to burn out - leading to even costlier repairs and diminished performance.
Our commitment to safety and quality has led us to continue with the original design of the HD Twin Gears. The nylon portion not only prevents any stainless steel from being introduced into your juice or pulp, but also ensures that your Green Star Juice Extractor will operate for many years.

2. Exclusive Magnetic & Bioceramic Technology

The Green Star exclusively features magnetic and bioceramic technology in its Twin Gear juicing system that allows it to extract juice of higher nutritional content. The magnets create a focused magnetic field that rearranges clusters of water so that it can latch on to more valuable vitamins, minerals, and other nutrients and extract it into your juice. The bioceramic material inside the Twin Gears utilize the kinetic energy of the turning gears to emit far-infrared - the wavelength at which water and all organic material naturally oscillates. This has a stabilizing effect on your juice by delaying oxidation and allows your extracted juice to remain fresher longer. Independent laboratories have done extensive testing on the juice yielded from the Green Star and compared it with other leading juicing technologies and have found that the juice coming from the Green Star's Twin Gear juicing system was of superior nutritional content and had important characteristics lengthening the stability of the juice and its enzyme activity. Other dual-gear juice extractors do not have this technology, and may even heat your juice, leading to increased oxidation and diminished enzyme activity.
The technology of the original Twin Gear juicing system featured exclusively in Green Star machines is often imitated because of its reputation of yielding juice of unsurpassed nutritional quality and its ease of use. However, these imitations have always fallen short of the exceptionally high standards set by the Green Star. Nothing beats the original.

3. Pocket Recesses

The teeth of the Twin Gears featured in the Green Star Juice Extractor were designed with special pocket recesses to aid in processing hard vegetables like carrots. The pocket recesses create a sharper edge at the initial grinding phase of the juicing process and reduce the amount of strain exerted by the Green Star's motor when processing harder produce. Imitation juicers have dual gears with flat teeth. As a result, they are less efficient at handling harder vegetables and require you to use more effort to push the vegetables through the juicer. This excess strain may also be transferred to the motor, possibly diminishing its useful life.
In contrast, the specially designed pocket recesses appearing on every tooth of the Twin Gears featured in the Green Star Juice Extractor simplifies the juicing process and ensures that the Green Star will last for many years.

4. Cutting Points

The Green Star's Twin Gears have special cutting points on each of the gears that allow it to handle a wider variety of produce without jamming or clogging. Imitation juicers do not have these special cutting points on their dual gears, and may become tangled or clogged when processing certain types of vegetables. In fact, these problems have prompted some imitating brands to create an auto-reverse function to interrupt the juicing process if tangling should occur. However, don't be fooled into thinking that this feature is an improvement over the Green Star. The cutting points and pocket recesses of the Twin Gears ensure that the Green Star will not become tangled or jammed while juicing - making an auto-reverse function unnecessary, and undesirable. In fact, the auto-reverse function of imitation dual-gear juicers may inconveniently interrupt the juicing process when processing harder or stringy vegetables even when it is unnecessary.

5. Pressure Adjustment Mechanism

The Green Star allows you to easily adjust the amount of pressure that is required for pulp ejection in order to effectively handle a wider variety of produce without jamming or clogging. Different types of produce require a different amount of pressure within the juicing chamber in order to be most efficiently processed. For example, harder vegetables like carrots require more pressure in order to squeeze the most amount of juice from the pulp, whereas wheat grass and other leafy greens require that less pressure be exerted in the juicing process. The Green Star allows you to adjust the amount of pressure without having to stop juicing - allowing you to use a wide variety of produce in one session for your maximum convenience. Other imitation dual-gear juicers do not have a pressure adjustment mechanism and are not as versatile as the Green Star. As a result, you may find that these imitation dual-gear juicers will often back up or clog when juicing certain varieties of produce.

6.5 [w] x 12 [h] x 18.5 [d] in
Built-in carry handle
Built-in cord storage
110 rpm turning speed
190 watts
60 hertz/120 volts
5 years limited warranty

The 5 year warranty offered on the Green Star is valid in Canada. Should you need service during the warranty period you will be able to obtain it from the Canadian importer. The warranty on units purchased from the U.S. is not valid in Canada and the unit would need to be returned to the U.S. for service. Another good reason to buy from an Authorized Canadian Green Star distributor.

GS1000 includes these accessories: 2-plastic plunger, 3-cleaning brush, 4-feeding chute cover, 7-fine screen, 8-homogenizing blank, 13-wooden plunger, 14-glass pitcher.
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