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Sproutman's Kitchen Garden Cookbook

By Steve Meyerowitz.

Sprout Breads, Cookies, Soups, Salads & 250 Other Low Fat, Dairy Free, Vegetarian Recipes.

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Steve Meyerowitz began his journey to better health in 1975 to correct a lifetime condition of allergies and asthma. After 20 years of disappointment with orthodox medicine, he restored his health through diet and fasting. He ate 100% live foods for 5 years, practiced fruitarianism, a diet of fruit, nuts and sprouted seeds, and fasted on raw juices for as long as 100 days.

Steve was nicknamed Sproutman in 1977 because of his innovative sprouting ideas and recipes. In 1980, he founded The Sprout House, a "no-cooking" school in New York City.
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