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Sprouts Book

Sprouts Book

By Kathleen O'Bannon CNC.

Grow your own powerhouse of energy, vitality and health!

Sprouts are your source for energy, vitality and health! They are live and nutritious and can go a long way toward both prevention and treatment of ailments and disease. For thousands of years sprouts have played an important part in health and in the diets of people around the world. Sprouting can give you plenty of fresh vital vegetables in your own kitchen - all year around and no matter where you live.
Seeds are packed with a concentration of nutrients and, one sprouted, release the enzymes, minerals and vitamins essential for the plant to grow. Sprouts are explosion of growth and energy picked at their peak of vitality and aliveness. No other plant source supplies you with so much life force.
Perhaps the saying "Let your food be your medicine and your medicine be your food" was first coined with sprouts in mind. Sprouts can:
Protect against cancers
Help dissolve tumors
Detoxify your body
Provide vital enzymes
Learn how to buy sprouting seeds, grow your own sprouts and prepare meals with healthful, life-giving sprouts. It's healthy. It's easy!

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