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Lumière de Sel Himalayan Crystal Salt Shaker 250gr

250g, environmentally friendly shaker

This holistic natural salt, is truly wholesome: all 84 minerals and trace elements are available in a unique form, that can be easily absorbed and metabolized by the body. It offers a rich, naturally delicious taste. Use for seasoning.

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Lumière de Sel®
Your trusted source of HIMALAYAN CRYSTAL SALT

Himalayan crystal salt was formed years ago when the Himalayan Mountains rose up out of the ocean which nearly covered the entire surface of the planet. It is the mineral deposit of that original sea.

Himalayan salt comes from a low-lying region situated in the first foothills of the Himalayas, over an area of approximately  200 square miles, in the northwest of Pakistan. The sea covering this region evaporated due to climatic changes. Powerful tectonic movements gave rise to the Himalayan range. The enormous pressure accompanying the buckling of the Earth's crust provoked the formation of cubic crystalline structures comparable to those of precious stones.

The deposits of salt from this ancient ocean are found high in the Himalayan range but also 1200 to 2000 feet below the surface .

Benefits of Himalayan Crystal Salt

    It has a unique health-enhancing composition: ionized colloidal form, which allows for optimum mineral absorption
    Contains up to 84 minerals and trace elements, which may increase your energy level by supplying your cells with necessary nutrients
    All natural, unrefined, without additives- A natural source of mineral intake
    Uncontaminated by today’s environment

Anything Else Like Himalayan Crystal Salt?

It is true that similar deposits of salt exist in many places in the world but Himalayan Salt is the only one formed under such circumstances. The salt found there is extremely pure and has always been sheltered from any traces of atmospheric pollution. It is extracted manually and packed on site without any treatment whatsoever.
History of a Rediscovery

In Europe, we owe its rediscovery to Prof. Peter Ferreira, a German biophysicist who carried out research on water. This research was directed to colloidal elements and cellular nutrition and prompted him to perform clinical tests on patients who were consuming a salt water solution prepared using Himalayan salt on a daily basis. Among the results, some indicated an evacuation of heavy metals, dissolution of calcium deposits, a general detoxifying effects of Quinton's plasma, which are supplemented thanks to a perfect crystal structure.

Prof. Peter Ferreira and his co-author, Dr. Barbara Hendel, published the results in a well-known work, translated into English with the title 'Water and Salt, The Essence of Life'. Published photographs comparing Himalayan salt with sea salt show the superior coherence of the Himalayan salt in an unbroken branched ensemble.
The extraordinary interest for Himalayan salt following this publication brought conflicts between the owners of the mines and varying theories about the origin of the salt deposits.

"Hunza Salt"

In Germany, Himalayan salt is also known as Hunza Salt in reference to Hunza Water, known for its colloidal minerals and mentioned by Prof. P Flanagan. The Hunza region is located in northwest Pakistan where there are no salt mines! This is the reason for the confusion between the various salts. Real Himalayan salt comes from the Himalayan Foothills as we have already seen above. The arguments and confusion matter little! What is important is to be able to use this marvelous salt, knowing its properties and the best way of using it.

The Best Available Salt on this Planet?

Himalayan crystal salt was well-known and used for centuries. The information content in the form of vital mineral elements locked away within these perfectly formed crystals of mineral-rich salt, were used by doctors for treating almost every disorder known to humans, and with unfailing success.

Because of its ionized colloidal structure, all its minerals and trace elements are totally absorbed by our bodies. Compared to ordinary sea salt under a microscope, we can see that its elements are perfectly linked to the crystal itself, while in ordinary sea salt they are dispersed without any links. This translucent crystal has a perfect geometrical structure.

Himalayan crystal salt is the most beneficial, cleanest salt available on this planet, where the energy of the sun has dried up the original, primitive ocean, many years ago. It is absolutely pristine and natural, identical to the ancient ocean. As in Quinton's Plasma and T.J. Clark's source in Utah, it contains all the elements found in our bodies.
Over 80 Minerals - Excellent Absorbability into Your Cells

The pink-coloured Himalayan crystal salt in Lumière de Sel has an ionized colloidal structure. This means that the over 80 minerals and trace elements are very easily absorbed by your digestive system. Easy absorption means your cells will be nourished with highly beneficial minerals as made by Mother Nature. Many people report improved wellbeing (including increased energy) after switching to Lumiére de Sel salt.

Most Frequently Asked Questions...

Do I really need salt in my diet?

Yes. Our bodies require 0.007 oz of salt per day. Ironically, most of us suffer from a lack of salt, even though we are over saturated with sodium chloride (refined salt). When our daily consumption of salt is less than 0.007 oz, salt craving kicks in.
What kind of minerals are in Lumiére de Sel® Himalayan Crystal Salt?

Lumière de Sel® Himalayan Crystal Salt delivers the entire mineral spectrum our body needs. The minerals in this crystal salt are present in a colloidal form. This means that minerals found in Lumière de Sel® Himalayan Crystal Salt such as Magnesium, Potassium, Calcium and Selenium as well as trace elements, are readily available to the body in the exact balanced proportion for optimum absorption.
What makes Lumière de Sel® Himalayan Crystal Salt unique?

Unfortunately, refined table salt is basically an industrial waste product, with only two of the original elements remaining (sodium and chloride). It has no nutritional value to our body. In addition, most of today’s sea salt is also refined and processed, which in turns removes essential minerals. Lumière de Sel® Himalayan Crystal Salt is uncontaminated by today’s environment. It is very unique in its composition compared to all other type of salts: all its minerals and trace elements are interactive with each other, and easily metabolized by the body in a balanced way.
What Makes Lumière de Sel® Different?

We can safely assume that the majority of our customers are delighted with their experience with this salt, its beneficial properties as well as its delicious taste. We have selected the best product while using a traditional artisan approach. More valuable still: all of our products are intimately related to meetings, anecdotes and people whom we have had the good-fortune to meet.

Lumière de Sel works directly with its suppliers. Our products are certified and submitted to constant quality control.

We believe in open-mindedness, in curiosity, in the spirit of research and discovery, in commitment and stringent demand, but also in the alignment of thought with speech and action.
Scientific Research on Salt

Explaining the structural and energetic difference between white salt, sea salt, and Himalayan crystal salt.
The Institute of Biophysical Research has conducted extensive studies, under the guidance of Peter Ferreira, to analyze the biophysical effects of salt on the human organism. The images below are some of the results of the studies.

These are 100x microscopic views of salt crystals. Look at the pictures and see for yourself how different from each other these three types of salt are:

Common Table Salt
After processing ordinary table salt, all minerals have been removed except sodium and chloride. The crystals are separated, dead and totally useless for the body.  The unnatural crystals in processed white "table" salt are totally isolated from each other and dead.  In order for the body to try to metabolize these crystals, it must sacrifice tremendous amounts of energy with very little results, resulting in a damaging loss and zero gain. The salt deposits in our bodies look similar to this photo, isolated and dead, when we consume processed white "table" salt.
Images and research conclusions are sourced from the book "Water & Salt, The Essence of Life"

Sea Salt
Irregular shapes and separated crystalline structures are no longer connected.

Irregular and isolated crystalline structures disconnected from the natural elements surrounding them. Because of this, the vital minerals, however many it may contain, cannot be absorbed by the body unless the body expands tremendous energy to vitalize them. The net gain is small with an even greater loss of energy.

Himalayan Crystal Salt
Shows finely formed crystalline structure that has no shadows or rough edges. Up to 84 elements of the crystal are interactive with each other. The balanced crystalline structure reveals fine branching, no shadows or rough edges. The crystal is not isolated from the inherent mineral elements (84) but is connected to them in a harmonious state. This tells us that the content, in the form of minerals, is balanced and can be easily metabolized by the body. This crystal is full of life. When taken as food, it will have a vital effect on the body. The result is only a net gain for the body with zero energy loss.
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