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Coconut Oil

Raw Nutrition offers pure flavorful Coconut Oil that is cold-pressed and has never been refined, deodorized or bleached. You can notice a great difference from regular Coconut Oil with its rich aroma and its smooth, strong taste. It can be used as salad oil, cooking oil, and for body care. It is important to know which type of Coconut Oil you are purchasing. Not all Coconut Oils are processed the same. Raw Nutrition stocks only Organic, pure Coconut Oil. It is pressed within the shortest delays following picking to maintain the highest level of freshness. Other Coconut Oils on the market are factory made and the quality is lost through a long process of transportation, storage and machine extraction. If you want to make sure where your Coconut Oil comes from and how it has been pressed, you can’t go wrong with Raw Nutrition’s selection.

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Alpha DME Virgin Coconut Oil 1.75 l
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CAD $74.99
17% discount
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Nutiva Organic Virgin Coconut Oil 1 Gallon  /  8lbs  /  3.63kg
1x CAD $99.99
2x CAD $99.99
CAD $94.99
6% discount
4x CAD $99.99
CAD $89.99
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