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Euro Cuisine Greek Yogurt Maker Strainer Kit GY60
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Euro Cuisine Greek Yogurt Maker Strainer Kit GY60

Transforms up to 2 quarts of Yogurt
For Making Greek Yogurt / Cheese Yogurt
Can be used with store bought or home made yogurt
BPA Free
Stainless Steel Strainer
Dimensions: 5.25" h x 10.00" w x 10.00" l, 2.00 pounds

View the Euro Cuisine Greek Yogurt Maker Strainer Kit GY60 User Manual: PDF

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You can now prepare Greek yogurt dishes quickly and easily with Euro Cuisine's Greek Yogurt Maker! This unique strainer kit transforms up to 2 quarts of ordinary Euro Cuisine homemade yogurt or store bought yogurt into thick, creamy Greek yogurt in a matter of hours - all inside your refrigerator.

Enjoy healthy dips and spreads, delicious Tzatziki, low-calorie salad topping, or delicious sweet berry desserts! The unit works by allowing the whey (liquid) in yogurt to drain away, leaving the curds behind.
Recipe book included.
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Kelsey From Canada
Incredible! No more need for storebought Greek Yogurt.
November 1, 2015
I bought this as I thought it would make my yogurt a nicer end product. I was pleasantly surprised with just how well this works.

I anticipated a larger mesh but what I received was a very fine mesh that gave me a super fine strain. The mesh is so small its practically not visible initially when you look at it.

I would prefer a dishwasher safe product but understand why. I wasn't sure how much this would hold from my yogurt maker but it holds one batch perfectly.

I set it up with my yogurt and let it strain for 12 hours and the product is so thick and creamy.

If any of my friends are looking to make yogurt or have a nicer end product then... I wouldn't hesitate.

Also a shout out to RawNutrition. I received my product 4 days AHEAD of schedule. THANK YOU!
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