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Livre Living with Green Star

Livre Living with Green Star

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By Elysa Markowitz.

Your Invitation to a Healthier Way to Life

When you think of a juicer, do you think of making soups, crackers, pates or pies? Do you think of making foods that not only taste great but also provide essential healing sustenance to the body? Probably not, unless you are familiar with the Green Star (Green Power, Green Life) machine.
The Green Star machine opens the door to longevity and energy by making enzymes and nutrients readily available in a variety of foods. Short of eating a salad every meal, what can you prepare that tastes great but still contains the enzymes and nutrients vital for health? In this exciting user manual and recipe collection, Elysa Markowitz answers this question and many more as you discover the ease and health benefits of eating a raw foods diet.
With over 150 recipes ranging from Berry Red Juice to Picky Pecan Pie and everything in between, you can adopt the raw foods diet with confidence. Imagine the delight of serving your family and friends a meal of Creamy Basil Soup, Nutty Nut Patties and Warmed Barley Bread knowing the food is delicious and nutritious. Easy to prepare and clean up for any member of the household, each recipe guarantees satisfaction.
This beautiful book provides you with the tools to build optimal health: clear user instructions, recipe tips and a photo gallery of raw food delights. The Green Star (Green Power, Green Life) machine and a host of unique recipes tempt your taste buds to explore the world of living foods.

About The Author:
Host of Elysa's Raw and Wild Food Show, Elysa Markowitz has been a nationally known and respected speaker in the health care field for over 20 years. Nutrition counselor and author of three natural health and nutrition books, Elysa lectures across North America on the benefits of a raw diet.

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