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Canning Supplies

Raw Nutrition carries high quality, durable Canning Supplies for home use. Our leading brands are Fagor and Victorio. Our selection features Pressure Cookers, Canners, Steam Juicers, and Food Strainers. We offer kits for starting pressure cooking and canning right at home. The pressure cooker can also be used separately to prepare ready-to-serve meals. Our Steam Juicers are made of 100% stainless steel, built to last. They will extract the natural juice of high-liquid fruits, such as grapes and berries, with the power of steam. They extract concentrated natural fruit juices which can be used for making jellies or stored as concentrate for natural fruit juice. The Steam Juicer is a multi-use appliance that can also be used for cooking soups and stews and steaming vegetables. The stainless steel pan and lid works well in the oven as a roasting and baking pan. It is a very versatile appliance that you'll love to use every day! Other tools in our canning section include a Pickler Kit for preserving small cucumber and sauerkraut, a starter culture to prepare fermented raw vegetable, as well as peelers for prepping apples and slicing vegetables and fruits.

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Caldwell Fresh Vegetable Culture
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Victorio Apple Peeler Clamp-on Base
  • CAD $37.99
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Weston Slaw Board and Cabbage Shredder
  • CAD $99.99
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Mortier Pilon Mason Jar 0.5L
  • CAD $9.95
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Mortier Pilon Mason Jar Lids Set of 12
  • CAD $12.45
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