Raw Nutrition offers a varied selection of kitchen tools and small appliances to make cooking, canning, dehydrating, sprouting, and yogurt making a breeze. With our large selection of great quality, high performance Blenders, Food Dehydrators, Juicers, Sprouters, Rice Cookers, Pressure Cookers, Grain Mills, and Yogurt Makers, you will be sure to find what you need to suit your needs. We carry various Spiral Slicers to enliven you meal prep. Get into your kitchen and have fun making veggie swirls, shreds and beautiful garnishes for your favorite dishes. If you need some inspiration for your dinners or you’re new to raw foods or yet you would like to start a juice fast, we have a selection of health books that address different topics. Dehydrating is a great way to make healthy snacks, homemade sprouted bread, granola and a host of other delicious goodies in preparation for the winter. They are also perfect for preserving your crops when you are not able to eat all the produce right away. Home canning is another great way to preserve those fall crops for the cold winter ahead so you can enjoy tasty garden-grown produce when everything outside is covered in snow. Light Therapy has become almost a necessity these days. In the winter months, with shorter daylight, our bodies crave sunlight. With a revolutionary light box, your body can feel invigorated and energized. It is also great for jetlag so you can get back into your schedule quickly.