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Food Mills

Some foods cannot be eaten whole or are best when grounded. You can use these foods in many recipes or to feed your infant. There are various types of Food Mills available. Raw Nutrition offers Food Mills that can be used for different needs. Browse our selection today if you want to create a unique texture including fresh tomato sauce, nut meal, grounded seeds and more!

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Victorio Food Strainer and Sauce Maker Model 250
  • CAD $99.99
    CAD $84.99
    16% discount
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  • Availability : Not available
Victorio Food Strainer and Sauce Maker Model 250 4-Pc Accessory Kit
  • CAD $79.99
    CAD $64.99
    19% discount
  • (Based on 2 vote(s))
  • Availability : Not available
Wondermill Wonder Junior Deluxe Masa and Nut Butter Auger
  • CAD $89.99
    CAD $59.99
    34% discount
  • Availability : Not available