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Champion 2000+ Replacement Cutter

Champion Juicer replacement cutter.
Keep your juicer running efficiently with a new cutter.

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This Item Fits the following serial numbers and above.
W-25000 (White)
A-7100 (Avocado)
BR-7000 (Brown)
Y-9000 (Yellow)

How often should the cutter be replaced?
The cutter wear is based on usage. Customers using the Champion only occasionally may get 10-15 years of service. With heavy use the cutters need replacement every 18-24 months.

Stuck on or hard to remove Champion Juicer Cutter?
To remove the cutter from the Champion Juicer motor shaft, take two small screwdrivers and place them between the back side of the cutter and the stainless steel portion of the hub. Apply pressure on the screwdrivers and the cutter should begin to slide forward. When driving the screwdrivers in, make sure they are spaced far enough apart so they don't damage the motor shaft which is located in the center of the cutter. If the cutter does not come off, leave the screwdrivers in place and insert something under the rear of the Champion Juicer (like a book) to elevate the rear of the machine, thus allowing the cutter to tilt forward. Apply penetrating oil between the screwdrivers. Because the cutter is now angled forward the oil will run inside the cutter. If this is done for several days the cutter will come off by applying more pressure to the screwdrivers. By merely pulling on the screwdrivers you will have to use a plastic hammer and slowly tap on each of the screwdrivers until the cutter breaks free. Tap one screwdriver, and when it is snug, tap on the other screwdriver until the cutter breaks free. When this is done there will always be one screwdriver coming loose and falling out of the slot. Do not rush the removal process; give the oil a chance to work. It is possible the hub and cutter will be damaged during the removal process. Once the cutter has been removed you should polish the motor shaft to remove any film or burrs which may have developed. You should always apply a slight film of olive oil on the motor shaft to prevent sticking of the cutter. Do not use other oils, as they tend to break down from the heat during operation of the juicer. Always make sure the hole in the center of the cutter is dry before placing it on the motor shaft.
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