Easy-Sprout Sprouter
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Easy-Sprout Sprouter

Fresh food lovers everywhere are sure to welcome the "plant today, harvest tomorrow" speed and convenience of these unique sprouters. EASY-SPROUT™ is such a fast, easy way to add vitality to our daily food supply; we should all be Easy-Sprouting!

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The quart-size, dual-container system is ideal for sprouting seeds. Its convection action provides continuous ventilation, humidification and warmth.
One liter growing capacity
U.S. Pat. No. 4,291,493
Benefits include larger batches, less time to harvest (8-48 hours!), minimal sprout disturbance, longer storage life, and the ability to grow many sprouts with NO RINSING!


SIX PARTS made from six ounces (or 4.6 oz.) of durable food grade plastic (high density polyethylene) simplify all aspects of sprouting from pre-washing seeds (if needed) to storing sprouts. (An added plus - non-sprouting uses such as washing grapes & berries or "crisping" limp celery, carrots, etc.!)

EASY-SPROUT™ is always used with the Inner Container nesting in the Outer Container when soaking, sprouting, storing and serving.

An Alfalfa Insert snaps inside the Inner Container. It reduces drainage slits for tiny seeds. (Use only when necessary.)

The INNER CONTAINER rests above or level with the OUTER CONTAINER. Both positions maintain air flow and retain moisture when used with the combination measuring cup / DOME or VENTED LID. The Solid LID provides a tighter seal of the sprouter contents (for use when airflow isn't necessary or wanted). With proper soaking, draining and warmth most viable seeds sprout rapidly. The process generates heat that results in the flow of fresh, humidified air that protects the sprouts from suffocation & dehydration. And traditional problems (fermentation, mold formation or rotting of "dead" seeds) can be minimized or eliminated.

A 1 1/2 cup capacity Dome rests above the Inner Container. It permits air circulation yet retains moisture. With graduated markings, it doubles as a measuring cup for use with fresh sprouts or most dry seeds.

To Soak/Rinse - Cover seeds/sprouts with warm/tepid water. Lift out Inner Container to drain, empty the Outer Container & replace Inner Container. Sprouts do best if they are well-drained after soaking or rinsing.

Important Note: Small seeds can be water-logged for hours after soaking. Use centrifugal force to remove water from seed mass. Rock sprouter back & forth. Or put it in a nylon stocking or a red mesh tube bag used to package 4 lbs. of oranges & twirl. Then loosen compacted seeds by slapping sprouter.

EASY-SPROUT CARE - Clean with dish brush. To remove stains, fill with water and add a Tablespoon of bleach. The same bleach water can be used repeatedly. (If placed in a Dishwasher, Top Rack Only.)

A Message from the Inventor - Gene Monson

The old ways of sprouting are too slow, inconvenient and bothersome.

EASY-SPROUT™ changes that. Now you can grow fresh sprouts (at home or away) and keep them conveniently at your fingertips.

For 20+ years I've been using, loving and supplying these practical, effective, earth-friendly fingertip gardens. Why?

Because this unique quart-size, dual-container sprouting system (made of durable, easy-to-clean, quality food grade material - HDPE) is able to

-Use the heat from sprouting seeds to circulate fresh, humidified air by natural convection.
-Prevent suffocation & dehydration so sprouts need less (or NO) rinsing.
-Conveniently produce pound batches of healthier, tastier sprouts faster with minimal effort.
-Simplify and enhance "Travel Sprouting" and the storage of fresh sprouts in the refrigerator.

Grow a pound of tasty sprouts in 8-48 hours with convenient

Just soak 1/2 - 2 1/2 cups dry seeds, beans, grains or nuts for 1-12 hours, drain & sprout.

Durable quart-size, dual-container balances warmth, humidity, oxygen by convection for fast, convenient sprouting. Guide with recipes included. Made in the U.S.A.
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Monica Baker From Canada Alberta
Would highly recommend this!
February 28, 2014
Got this as a gift for a friend and she ABSOLUTELY loves it! She's onto her second sprout and it's working amazingly!
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Joseph From
Super Easy Sprouter!
July 26, 2012
The easysprout sprouter was highly recommended to me. It is very easy to use and produces lots of fresh sprouts. I like that is is very forgiving if I forget to rinse. It does say it can go for a while without rinsing but I still prefer to rinse at least once a day.
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