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Inuli flora Organic Raw Jerusalem Artichoke Powder 200gr

Inuli flora, raw organic Jerusalem artichoke powder, is an excellent source of fibre due to its high inulin content. Inulin is a fibre that feeds bifidobacteria and lactobacilli in the colon. It is also a sugar that lowers glycemic levels postprandial and promotes regularity.  A teaspoon with every meal provides 28% of the recommended intake of fibre and also provides nourishment for beneficial bacteria in the colon. One 200 g bag of Inuliflora is nearly a month’s supply if eaten daily.  Raw, organic, natural and Canadian, Inuliflora  is the perfect natural prebiotic.

An excellent source of fibre
63 % inulin, natural prebiotic
Inulin nourishes bifidobacteria and lactobacilli in the colon
Inulin promotes regularity
Inulin reduces post-prandial blood glucose levels

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Jerusalem Artichoke Powder is easily integrated into almost any person’s daily dietary habits. A teaspoon over breakfast cereal, in a smoothie, stirred in with organic yogurt (helps to stimulate the bifidobacteria therein) or combined with pure sunflower oil to make a special topinambeurre are just a few of the many ways to enjoy it with breakfast.

At lunch time it perfectly tops off a salad just by adding a teaspoon or by stirring into a favourite dressing; it is also easily sprinkled on fast food without changing the flavour. Dinner time is the same, whatever you’re having for dinner, be it stir fry, pasta, pizza or soup, Jerusalem artichoke powder is easily added in for its health benefits.

And of course when baking muffins or treats,  Jerusalem artichoke powder can replace a portion of the sugar or flour to make those treats that little bit healthier without sacrificing flavour.

After discovering Jerusalem artichoke’s potential as a superfood, organic grower Robert Desmarais began experimenting to dry the tuber and to discover ways of putting this powder to good use. Dehydrating and powdering Jerusalem artichokes also helped to prevent a lot of unnecessary waste; minimizing negative environmental impact and producing organic and natural products have long been priorities here at the farm. Aside from its health benefits, we also discovered that our Jerusalem artichoke powder had a nice sweet and subtle nutty flavour.

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