Alpha DME Virgin Coconut Oil 1.75 l
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Alpha DME Virgin Coconut Oil 1.75 l

The DME process uses only selected mature and organically grown coconuts, producing within hours a delicious fresh-tasting extra virgin coconut oil. You receive only the best - a true natural Certified Organic.

1.75 litre Glass jar

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Alpha DME Extra Virgin Organic Coconut Oil

Can not be compared to any lower priced coconut oil on the market.

If it could it would not be the Highest Quality!

Taste and See the Difference Quality Makes.

The DME™ is the ONLY Extra Virgin Coconut Oil on the market that is pressed and packaged within 2-3 hrs of the mature coconut being opened. What this means to you is that you get a delicious product free of any impurities or contaminants in the oil.

The letters DME stand for: Direct, Micro, Expelling - Fast, Produced in small communities, not mass produced and the oil is expelled from the coconut. Hard to believe that a simple process like this gives you such an amazing oil.

The DME process uses only selected mature and organically grown coconuts, producing within hours a delicious fresh-tasting extra virgin coconut oil. You receive only the best - a true natural certified organic product.

When you purchase Alpha DME Coconut Oil you are not only receiving a delicious, versatile oil rich with many healthy benefits but you are also becoming a part of the coconut oil story and enriching the lives of others. You are helping to empower the local people in some of the "poorest" parts of the world.

Empowering People

Many tropical coastal communities are the custodians of unique endangered cultures, languages, reefs and rainforests. The coconut is the most sustainable agricultural resource of these communities. DME bypasses arduous copra-making and provides rural people with meaningful employment, a regular income and enhanced living standards. So, in buying this oil, you are not just getting a premium product but also supporting the livelihood of many island people and their environments.

Alpha’s DME and Premium Coconut Oils Comparison

Traditionally all coconut oil was produced similarly, either from dried copra in large oil mills, or in the villages where it was produced by the natives locally boiling or fermenting the pressed coconuts to gain the oil.

Towards the end of the 20th century things began to change. Around 1998, when coconut oil was discovered to be healthy oil, several new processes emerged and where tested to produce superior oil. Some of these processes were developed for large-scale production in oil mills, while others remained on village level.

Fortunately, some of the technologies applied produced good quality oil, which retained a fair bit of the coconut goodness. These oils were categorized as “Virgin Coconut oils”. Within this categorization were several variations and ‘qualities’ of coconut oils emerging; the majority of Virgin coconut oil originating from the Philippines.

Parallel to this development in the Philippines, an incredibly unique process was discovered by Dr. Dan Etherington, an Agricultural Economist at the Australian National University in Canberra, named the “DME” or Direct Micro Expelling method. This method not only produced the highest quality, purest and rawest form of coconut oil on the market it was developed with the goal of radically transforming the lives of poverty-stricken coconut farmers around the world.

As our mission at Alpha has always been to bring you the best quality products, providing you with the greatest tools for success in developing a healthy lifestyle, we have chosen to include the highest qualities of coconut oil on the market to our product line.

Alpha Premium Virgin Coconut Oil

Developed from fresh mature coconuts.

Our premium oil is produced with the highest standards of quality. This oil is produced in an industrial setting. Coconuts are shelled by machine and pared by hand. The coconuts are then sent into huge grinders and turned into desiccated coconut which is then used to produce the coconut oil. The premium oil is cold pressed in specialized equipment (which means it never exceeds 40 º C degrees at any time) Water is separated from the oil at this time. The oil is then filtered and filled into industrial barrels ready for storage or shipping.

DME Extra Virgin Coconut Oil

This process is one-of-a-kind - the only coconut oil on the market that can truly bare the name of “Extra” virgin coconut oil.

DME or Direct Micro Expelling is just that:
Direct – produced directly once the coconuts are harvested from the trees
Micro – produced on a small scale/farm level community operation
Expelling (as opposed to expeller pressed which means done on huge machines) - “expelling” is simply the process of separating the oil and the water or expelling the oil from the coconut.

The DME process is done by hand from start to finish; there is no huge equipment or machines used at any point.

From the shelling / paring / grinding / drying to the pressing / filtering, all is done by hand with no electricity.

The only machine used at any time is the patented SAM PRESS which does the oil separation, and again it is a manual press done by hand with no electricity applied. The speed in which the process is completed 1-2 hrs from the time the coconut is opened means that you are provided with the purest, raw form of coconut, free of contaminants or impurities, the coconut is changed minimally from its raw state. This provides you with the purest natural product available today. There is no other coconut oil that can make this claim.

Beyond this all the proceeds from the sales of this product is poured back into the community. There is no big corporation or financial institution collecting their “share”. The money is funneled back into the community to be used at the discretion of the community as a whole. Again there is no other coconut oil on the market that can make this claim.

When you purchase Alpha DME you are purchasing the purest product with the purest, heart warming story attached. You are not only making a difference to your overall health and well being you are contributing to the lives of people in countries who had no other recourse but slave labour to support their family.
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