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Santevia Replacement 5 Stage Ultrasonic Filter

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The 5 Stage Ultrasonic Filter is stages 2 through stage 8 of the Santevia Gravity Water Systems. This filter hangs within the Lower Tank.

STAGE 2 – Activated Coconut Carbon Charcoal
Highly porous coconut carbon charcoal with an astounding 65 acres of purifying surface area.
Removes chlorine, herbicides, pesticides, pharmaceuticals, industrial chemicals, Trihalomethanes (THMs), heavy metals, organic chemicals, odor, color and particulates.
Contains KDF filter medium that inhibits the growth of bacteria in the filter.
STAGE 3 – Natural Silica Sand
Provides additional filtration.
Creates optimal pH balance by neutralizing acidic components in input water.
"Polishes" water for brilliant clarity and sparkle.
Infuses water with natural silica – popular for strengthening collagen for radiant skin, hair and nails.
STAGE 4 – Volcanic Mineral Zeolite Granules
Inhibits bacteria.
Neutralizes heavy metals including lead, nickel, cadmium and mercury through an ion exchange process.
Removes detergents, ammonium, certain radioactive ions, agricultural chemicals and other toxins.
STAGE 5 – Mineral Stone Infusion
Highly porous Maifan stones aid in the oxygenation of water and in the adjustment of the water to mild alkaline.
Ionized minerals help oxygenate and fortify water.
STAGE 6 – Bio-Ceramic Energy Balls
Constructed from highly compressed and fired diatomaceous earth and mineral oxides.
Assists in pH balancing.
Breaks water molecule clusters into smaller structures for greater bio-availability.
Emits beneficial infrared to energize the water.
Filter Life: 4 - 6 months
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