Pump-N-Seal Food Sealer Starter Kit
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Pump-N-Seal Food Sealer Starter Kit

Kit includes:
Pump, bag attachment, hole punch pin, foam block, instruction sheet and 250 tab-cheks.

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Pump-N-Seal® food saver vacuum sealer is the world's fastest, most powerful [28.9 inches Hg (over 30 times more powerful than most food sealers available)], and most versatile vacuum food sealing device. It's simply the BEST food saver vacuum sealer system in the world. Pump-n-Seal® vacuum food saver is the only vacuum packing food system that uses ordinary zipper-locking bags (not special FoodSaver bags) and ordinary glass jars as food storage containers. The Pump-N-Seal® food saver vacuum sealer works by permanently vacuum packing food in a commercial strength vacuum, using the same jar and lid hundreds of times.

The Pump-N-Seal® permanently seals many food storage containers including ordinary jars, mason jars, wine bottles and even coffee cups. It is also a vacuum bag sealer. This vacuum food sealer preserves freshness of nuts, seeds, grains, snacks, dried herbs and spices, fruits, vegetables, meats, etc. Pump-N-Seal® vacuum food saver prevents rancidity of expensive nuts and oils, prevents distasteful freezer burn, prevents color and nutrient loss, prevents souring of fine wines and prolongs the quality and taste of refrigerated foods. This amazing kitchen appliance seals most food storage containers including Tilia vacuum sealer food storage containers. The Pump-N-Seal® is a pump-style vacuum food saver, not a fan-style vacuum food saver which simply does not compare. A Pump-n-Seal® vacuum food sealer is the the best way to do professional vacuum sealing.

Pioneering Concepts Inc. invented the Pump-N-Seal and owns 4 vacuum food sealer Patents on the Pump-N-Seal® and has been in the business since 1988, concentrating exclusively on manufacturing the BEST vacuum food saver vacuum sealer for vacuum packing food in food storage containers. Vacuum packing food is Pioneering Concepts' only business. They have the BEST vacuum food sealer in the world! The Pump-N-Seal® is better than the Tilia vacuum packer and Tilia vacuum sealer. All you need to do is just pump and seal!

How to use for sealing jars: 1. Punch hole in lid. 2. Apply Tab-Chek®. 3. Position Pump-N-Seal. 4. Pump and remove.

How to use for sealing bags: 1. Insert bag adapter. 2. Pump a few strokes. 3. Remove adapter and zip.

The Tab-Chek® is a tiny patented reusable check-valve that is applied, like a band-aid, over a hole you punch in a jar lid (punch pin is provided with pump). One Tab-Chek® allows a jar to be vacuum sealed hundreds of times.

PUMP-N-SEAL® IS THE ONLY CHOICE for a professional quality vacuum seal that prolongs freshness and flavor, prevents freezer burn, and saves you money on food storage.

The PUMP-N-SEAL® food saver and vacuum sealer, preserves freshness, flavor, nutrients, color, and prevents rancidity and freezer burn. Pump-N-Seal® marinating system, also marinates food in seconds/minutes in its powerful vacuum. With the bag attachment, the Pump-N-Seal® vacuum food sealer, seals ordinary zipper locking bags. No expensive jars, bags, batteries, or electricity needed. Compact and completely portable. More powerful and faster than $300 electric sealers/marinators. Vacuum sealed zipper locking bags are ready for the freezer or shelf for dried foods. Keep refrigerated vacuum sealed salads, lettuce, vegetables etc., fresh longer. Ordinary jars are permanently vacuum sealed with the reusable Tab-Chek® valves. The Pump-N-Seal® Tab-Cheks® are small check valves that permanently seal, in seconds, a commercial quality vacuum in jars, bottles, cups, cans, canisters, pots, pans, and bowls over and over again.

Full 10 Year warranty. "30 Day Satisfaction Guarantee*"

Pump-N-Seal® and Tab-Chek® are all Registered Trademarks belonging to Pioneering Concepts, Incorporated. We are an authorized Canadian dealer.

*"30 Day Satisfaction Guarantee" relates to the refund of the purchase price less actual shipping, return shipping and a $5.00 cleaning and restocking fee.
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James From Canada
Super little pump sealer!
October 17, 2012
I really like the ease of use this vacuum pump offers. No need for special bags is the best part. Very cost effective compared to other vacuum sealer options. Ecological too as you reuse jars and lids that could otherwise end up in the trash. It's just as it says, you pump and it seals.
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